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About Online Psychic Alliance

Online Psychic Alliance has been formed to represent independent phone psychics and independent 1900 psychic content providers in the Australian communications industry.

Our aim is to lobby the Australian government for representation on the councils and forums that are directly connected to the employment of independent content providers and psychics in the premium 1900 psychic line industry concerning issues covered in the Australian Telecommunications Act.

We know that live telephone psychic operators have experienced many issues concerning employment, hours of work, pay rates etc. when signing contractual agreements with live psychic line organizations.

The same is also known about 1900 premium content providers. Issues to do with genuine representation of the business needs of independent psychics by 1900 service providers and carriers can sometimes seem difficult to negotiate when you don't know your rights or have real representation in the industry forums etc.

This is why independent psychics need to collectively lobby for greater control of our own work conditions and business environments.

If you are an independent psychic or independent psychic content provider working in the psychic line industry and have experienced any of the following conditions, we want to know:


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Have you experienced any of these things?

Monitoring Online Psychic Service Compliance
WMC Global takes over from TISSC

A lot of people are confused by the recent changes to Telstra’s compliance arrangements regarding the contracting of WMC Global to take over from TISSC.

The latest advice from ACMA is that although WMC Global will undertake the monitoring of advertising and services, Telstra advises that it will still be using the TISSC Code of Practice, which will be enforced via Telstra's agreements with service providers.

WMC Global will monitor advertisements across the internet, newspapers, magazines and television and will test services both on an ad hoc basis and where non-compliance with advertising requirements is found.

The ACMA further advises that where non-compliance is detected, services will be temporarily or permanently suspended until the issue is rectified.

Consumers will be able to complain directly to Telstra about the advertising, message content and billing for 190 services. Unresolved complaints about the billing of 190 services will continue to be resolved by the TIO. The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) may investigate complaints about misleading or deceptive conduct associated with the advertising of 190 premium services under the Consumer and Competition Act 2010.